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Groot Nederlandse Kunstkalender, 2021

    ‘365 days of contemporary wall art’. Already for 10 years straight has the Groot Nederlandse Kunstkalender been published. The Large Art Calendar shows a different work by renowned artists and up-and-coming talent every day in large format (30 x 34 cm, weighing three kilos). The calendar offers a platform to 365 designers, graphic designers, illustrators, poets, writers, fashion designers, photographers and architects.

    In 2021 I had the pleasure to join the Art Kalender and have my work Baubo published! The special date of my art publication is on the 18th of November 2022. Baubo was a fun-loving, bawdy, jesting, sexually liberated – yet very wise – goddess who played a crucial part in preserving the fertility of the land in Ancient Greece.

    Baubo is celebrated as a positive force of female sexuality and the healing power of laughter. Her power and energy have survived in the spirits of women down through the centuries.