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HEART WORK HEROES – We are all golden

Very grateful to had the chance to participate in the Heart Work Heroes open-air exhibition for healthcare in the Netherlands. Next to 40 other artists I was invited to paint a statue in appreciation for health care. My “We are all Golden” statue and the 40 others where, during the summer of ’22, publicly exhibited throughout Rotterdam.

The goal of Heart Work Heroes is to make appreciation for healthcare workers visible in a positive and colorful way. The profit of the auction goes to different Healthcare organizations.

Sometimes it’s just about the message. With the flag of Rotterdam and all (LHBTQI+) colors that can be found here, which we can be proud of, stands here my statue for heart work heroes.

An excellent opportunity to call for solidarity. To emphasize that everyone has the right to be who they are and that that is still not always a given.

Melissa Moria Heart Work Heroes
Melissa Moria Heart Work Heroes

If you are interested in this statue. It will be auctioned off, where all profits will go to healthcare!

For inquiry please contact or visit