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HIJS Hook-up, 2022

    Through an open-call of Rewriters I participated in the HIJS Hook-up. A clash between artists with a different style and background in order to created on piece of art together.

    I had to pleasure to work together with Damian Soest, a Rotterdam based illustrator. Damian creates colourful characters with big bold shapes and strong lines. With his pastel tones and textures he has an ability to add layers of subtle narrative and charming humor to his work. Damian’s portfolio includes murals, digital illustrations, limited prints, batik pieces, logo’s.

    As Damian’s style was completely different than mine, we had the challenge to bring our work together on one canvas. As we are both based in Rotterdam we decided to let Rotterdam be the hero of our canvas. Looking into the hart and soul of the city and using that as a subject of our final painting.

    I really enjoyed working together with Damian, making new connections and most of all the end result of our painting together.