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Interior Project VIPS RTL4

    For the TV show Interior Project VIPS, I was commissioned to create three small pieces of art that would go well during a complete home make over.

    In the design competition The Interior Project VIPS, six Dutch celebrities with a passion for interior design compete against each other. In various assignments they have to show their creativity and talent to win this battle. Each episode they get a different assignment, from a vacation home to an office, from a catering establishment to a living room, with the ultimate final assignment being to design and furnish their own hotel suite.

    The first episode for which my art was used was for Shelly Sterk with her makeover for a living room of a wine silo.

    The overwhelming panoramic view, the luxurious atmosphere and their own signature. That is what the semifinalists of The Interior Project VIPS had to look out for this week. They were given the challenging task of restyling the living room of a wine silo to show potential buyers the possibilities. In other words, prepare a unique high-end home for sale. You can find the final result here.

    The two remaining finalists – Géza Weisz and Carolien Spoor – were given the final assignment of styling a signature suite in one of the Netherlands’ most luxurious 5-star hotels: Hotel De L’Europe. Carolien used one of my artworks as her decorative piece for her make-over.