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looking up i see clouds moving. different colors forming the palette. the depths and the dynamics are in motion. a beam of light lighting up the sky. blossoms being lifted up and washed away by the wind. a sense of freedom, feeling light, limitless.

the work of self-taught artist melissa moria (1991) echoes her obsession with texture, repetition and material. melissa began painting in search of self expression and more profound connection with both life and herself. by deconstructing her designs, playing with rhythm, symmetry and asymmetry, she creates an unexpected dynamic between color and motion. she finds that her environment in close proximity to her heavily influence her work. minimalism often forms the foundation of her designs. her work is characterised by seemingly simplistic shapes and great attention to detail. the creative process is essential; experiments on imperfections of shapes and composition play a key role in her personal texture. 

melissa is passionate about the unique and integral impact artwork can have within a space. she believes that art can be a fulfilling experience in the spaces we dwell.

for purchases, a studio visit or more information about my work. — send an email to



2019 – Unconventional Wardrobe Art collection (Rotterdam)
2020 – Unconventional Wardrobe – Art collection (Rotterdam)
2021 – Unconventional Wardrobe – Art Event (Rotterdam)
2021 – Slocally Art collection (Rotterdam)
2021 – Cake Cadeau (Rotterdam)
2022 – HIJS HOOKUP, Rewriters (Rotterdam)
2022 – Unconventional Wardrobe – Art collection (Rotterdam)


2020 – Goud uit Eigen Stad (Rotterdam)
2021 – Walk – in – Culture (Rotterdam)
2021 – “Qui vivra verra” (Botanica, Ibiza Spain)
2021 – “Aerwyna” (Seaside, Ischia Italy)
2021 – “Ready to bloom” ( Rotterdam)
2021 – Weelde Wintermarket (Rotterdam)
2022 – Open Art Museum, online showing (Petra, Jeruzalem)
2022 – Heart Work Heroes (Rotterdam)
2022 – Celebrate Women, The Rumah (Rotterdam)
2022 – Art in Action, Entrepot gebouw (Rotterdam)
2022 – Byron & Friends v.2, Jack (Rotterdam) 
2022 (upcoming) – “Bare Minimal”, group exhibition (Rotterdam)


2020 – Publieke Werken (Rotterdam) 
2021 – The Plug ( Hiphophuis, Rotterdam) 
2021 – Publieke Werken (Rotterdam)
2021 – Hectorbar (Rotterdam)
2021 – Makersloket Droom & Daad (Rotterdam)
2021 – Groot Ateliers Weekend (Hildegardisschool, Rotterdam)
2021 – Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender
2022 – Hectorbar (Rotterdam)
2022 – Podcast: kunst, cultuur & uitgaan ( De Doelen, Rotterdam)
2022 – Aphinado (online platform)